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Sphere of light

  1. Dec 8, 2006 #1
    What would happen if: I had a sphere produced from a theoretical perfectly reflective one-way-mirror(reflective on the inside) and a shone a light into it?

    Would the light accumulate inside the sphere for a noticeable period of time? Would it be observable? Could light be captured this way?

    Don't be too harsh if this sounds totally ridiculous.
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    How do you intend shining a light into a solid sphere from the outside?? surely the reverse of a perfectly reflective mirror must be opaque?
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    I think he means a literal one way mirror, much like the "sail" on the proposed nuclear explosion powered space craft that passes gamma radiation one way, but not the other. So a perfect one way mirror would be perfectly transparent in one direction and perfectly reflective in the other.
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