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Sphere to Sphere or partical Colition

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    Im trying to program a perfect sphere to sphere colition method.
    What I have so far is every sphere has a velocity force and location. I have every shpere interacting perfectly with each other, the only thing I want is for the spheres not to be able to become compresed like jello. Does any one know of any sites that explane how to do anything related to this.
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    This is what I have or what it looks like:

    This is what I whant to happen or it to look like:
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    Oh dear, you want an algorithm for the evolution of such a creature?
    Sweet dreams..
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    OK dood...

    Are you saying its imposible or somthin, cuz if you are I got to say you dount have much gut.
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    I don't think it will be that easy. To prevent the spheres from merging into each other you need some sort of collision detection. This has been used extensively in computer games, so you should be able to find something about it on the web. To get the spheres to form a perfect crystal is more tricky - in real life as well as in the simulation. You might want to look into 'simulated annealing'
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    Well at least someone knows what im asking, thanks "chronon".
    Im acculy doing this for game programing I jest thot it would be a good idea to try asking a physics ? on a physics forum.

    Anyway here are is a nother pict:

    And here is the EXE of the pict at my geocities site:
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