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Spherical Coordinate Angles

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    Hi guys,
    This is my first time in this forum, thanks for your time.
    Now, I learn about spherical angles (vektor) in 3 Dimension
    I still confuse about the formula, such as:
    Fx = F sinφ cosθ ( in X axis = i)
    Fy = F sinφ sinθ ( in y axis = j)
    Fz = F cosφ ( in z axis = k)

    I want to send the pictures too, but I still don't have the way to upload it.Maybe next time.
    Does anybody know about why in X axis there are sin and cos but in Z axis there is only cos??
    Thaks for your help.
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    You can calculate all these by playing around with right triangles... I only just learned this stuff 2 weeks ago, so I can hardly explain it in words. I would look around online for a detailed picture that explains how the equations are geometrically derived. it isn't too complicated.
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    Does this diagram help?

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    Yes, you are right, Thanks alot.
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