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Spherical coordinates?

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    What is equivalent to the unit k (vector in cartesian coords) in spherical coordinates? And why?

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    if the vector is in three dimensions, one more variable(of spherical) is required to define j.
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    I made a mistake which has been corrected, it should be the unit k vector.

    In cartesian, it is (0,0,1). What is it in spherical (0,0,what)?
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    For the most common choice of spherical polar coordinates,
    we have the following unit vetors relations:
    Solving for the Cartesian unit vectors we gain, in particular:
    That is of course equal to the coordinate transformation:
    In order to find the correct expressions for the other two unit Cartesian vectors, utilize the intermediate result:
    [itex]\vec{i}_{\hat{r}},\vec{i}_{\theta}[/itex] are polar coordinate vectors in the horizontal plane.
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