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Homework Help: Spherical coordinates?

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    Integrate the function
    f(x,y,z)=6*x+5*y over the solid given by the "slice" of an ice-cream cone in the first
    octant bounded by the planes x=0 and y=sqrt(43/5)*x and contained in a sphere centered at
    the origin with radius 13 and a cone opening upwards from the origin with top radius 12.

    I have no idea as to how to even start. I would really like someone to take the time to guide me through this problem.
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    Have you any examples like this in your textbook, or your course notes? It would help if you draw a diagram first, so you know the limits of integration.
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    I wish I did. I don't have any refrences with me.
    Ugh this is so stressful. thank you replying though
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