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Spherical pendulum

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    Hi. I'm trying to make a small simulation of several simple physical systems (C++). I have the differential equation of a spherical pendulum with only the gravity force and without friction.

    [itex]\theta'' = \sin(\theta) (\cos(\theta) \phi'^2 − \frac{g}{L})[/itex]
    [itex]\phi'' = −2 \cot(\theta) \theta' \phi'[/itex]

    I need the equation of spherical pendulum with friction (F = -bv) and with a generalized force (not only gravity), like this equation for the plane pendulum:

    [itex]\Omega = \frac{1}{mL} (\cos(\Omega)\overline{F}_{ext}\ \overline{d}[/itex] [itex]− \sin(\Omega) \overline{F}_{ext}\ [/itex][itex] \frac{\overline{g}}{g} [/itex]− [itex] \frac{b}{L} \Omega')[/itex]

    Any ideas?

    Thank you,
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    UP, please.
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