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Spherical Trigonometry

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    Currently, my knowledge of mathematics includes topics through Calculus, Number Theory, and a bit of Linear Algebra. However, what I'm really interested in learning is spherical trigonometry.

    I understand that spherical trig has diverse apps in astronomy, but that's about the extent of my knowledge... for now ;)

    Anyone here know spherical trig? I think a general overview would be very helpful. Maybe an example problem or two?

    Any help is appreciated.
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    You know, nowadays most of the introductory questions in forums are getting answered by google anyway.

    So you can easily skip those here.:wink:
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    Thanks, I will be exploring this further via Google. But I have found that many bright people who visit these forums can also provide some great insights for learning various topics, and often these insights cannot be found in a textbook or web search... just good ol' experience :smile:

    However, I will keep this in mind. Thanks!
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