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Spiders are taking over

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    They are takeing over, there are more of them than users, pity they don't
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    I have not seen a spider for three weeks now. Right now, they're just lots of ants crawling all over the place. :grumpy:

    At least spiders don't invade a house in colonies.
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    If you really wanted to write a spider that could post you could. Basically you'll use wget to download the pages, then using a little regex you'll find all the "<a href=""></a>". You'll then do another wget, traversing link after link until you get to a page that has a post quick reply. Using the cURL library you'll POST the message you want to the server. One major thing that you'll need to do is send the cookie containing your userid to the server. Without this you'll never be able to post.
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    I had a blog once, which I maintained for around 3 months until I realised that most of the visitors I was getting were probably spiders.
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