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Spike in arxiv.org traffic

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    I was looking at the alexa.com (yes I know it's to be taken with a pinch of salt) info for arxiv.org, and it shows a spike to 4 or 5 times the normal traffic last weekend. The data suggests that traffic doesn't normally have such a variation. Do you think that the news superluminal neutrinos has really generated so much more interest than any other event in physics?
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    Yes, I think the surge in arxiv.org traffic is due to the news of possible superluminal neutrinos. It was first posted here on PF by Turbo on 22 September and today-six days later-it has been viewed nearly 74,000 times! That may be some sort of record here, too.
    If the news turned out to be true it would change Physics so drastically that it has piqued such interest.
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