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Spin 2 and missing antimatter

  1. Aug 26, 2004 #1
    Could spin 2 bosons (like gravitons) collide with spin 1 photons and particle-antiparticles form from the spin 2 boson while one of the particle-antiparticle formed from the photon is smashed to pieces?This could explain why there is
    antimatter missing from the universe - it could be in small bits that are highly unlikely to be able to meet at a single point and reform a spin 1 photon with a normal particle such as an electron (to give electron -positron ->photon).
    The ratio of spin 2/spin 1 = spin 1/spin 1/2 and this is why I was wondering if their could be some similarity in behaviour between spin 2 and spin 1 bosons
    in pair production.
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