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Spin-Dos reelations?

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    Hi doing some research for a project. Basically I'm looking for some info on the link between electon spins in atoms and their density of states.

    Specifically I'm interested in how the density of states of a spin up particle differs from spin down, and how the DoS are thus effected by entangled spin measures.

    I've not been able to find anything related in all the textbooks I've looked at, and currently I think my net is too wide for a literature search. Could any of you tell me of any relevant sources or the names of releated effects.

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    Dr Transport

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    Spin affects are not part of the DOS, in a spin 1/2 system, you calculate the DOS without spin and multiply by 2 to account for the two spin states. If you have an applied magnetic field, you'll change the DOS so that spin has an effect, because you have lowered the symmetry of teh system.
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    Sorry about the belated reply. Life has been playing gremlin.

    DoS was probably a bad way of stating it. The problem is I imagine I have two molecules near enough to have entangled spins. Now I've heard their would be a difference in their electronic structure, such as their orbitals or something that I'm told would be visible as a contrast on an STM. The thing is I know nothing more than that and would like to know more.

    Anyone have any idea what this might be or have I misunderstood what I've heard and am way off.
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