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Homework Help: Spin eigenvalues

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    Hey guys,
    I really need your help. I have an exam tomorrow and no idea how to solve this task. Sorry for my bad english (did not use it for a long time). I hope that I translated the task correctly so that you might be able to help me.

    We have two particles with spin=1 which means they have the spin quantum number s1=1 and s2=1.
    a) Give the possible eigenvalues for the squared total spin (no idea how to translate this word correctly. In german it is "Gesamtspin"

    I'll give you the other parts of the tasks after we hopefully manage to solve this, because this means that my translation is more or less ok.
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    Start of using the template please. It's there for a reason.
    Given the fact that your English is rusty I take it you are using a German book?

    The chapter you are looking for is addition of angular momentum (gesamtdrehimpuls) https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gesamtdrehimpuls
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