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Spin-orbit effects splits ?

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    Spin-orbit effects splits !?

    Hi AllL

    the spin-orbit effect splits the 3P-->3S transition in sodium(which gives rise to the yellow light of sodium vapor highway lamps) into two lines 589.0 nm corresponding to 3P sub 3/2-->3S sub 1/2 and 589.6nm corresponding to 3P sub 1/2 --> 3S sub 1/2.
    How can I use these wavelengths to calculate the effective magnetic field experinced by the outer electron in the sodium atom as a result of its orbital motion ??
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    ghallya, you have to show some work:)
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    what do u mean ?:(
    i dont know , i cant even understand it correctly
    a little help from u , ill show some work for sure
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    I'm sorry, but that's the policy - please read the guidelines for this subforum. We can't help you with a coursework problem if you only post the question. You need to show some effort - what do you know about the spin-orbit interaction ?
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    thanx anyway Gokul , but its not a course work :)
    Its somthing we didnt understand from the book

    I searched for help , and I found hints and I solved it
    so thanx , :)
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    We require the same effort on standard textbook questions (since it is expected that the question be based on material that is covered in the text), irrespective of whether it is assigned homework or not.

    Since you've solved it, I'd point you to this thread. Your calculation is essentially the same as the one I did in the first paragraph there.
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