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Spinal cord of DNA-molecule

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    In a basis of that, what we name as common sense, there is the principle, according to which, we prefer, from many probable explanations other things being equal, the simplest explanation. And it, basically, is correctly because process of cognition occurs from simple to complex. But, unfortunately, in parallel sciences this principle is observed very seldom. So, for example, two parallel sciences – the physics and the chemistry, investigate the same object – substance.
    Thus, the physicists should give correct model of a structure of atoms, whereupon the chemists, using this model, should give correct model of a structure of molecules, including, the correct spatial structure of the elementary cell of life, i.e. a structure of the molecule of desoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). After that chemists and physicists should give the unequivocal answer to a question – what is LIFE. It is the main question for our civilization.

    In such a way the small article (4 pages) "Spinal cord of DNA-molecule" begins.

    Now the server, where there is my web-site, is broken, therefore I have placed this article in my small homepage:

    http://www.sinor.ru/~polytron/Spinal_cord_of_DNA-molecule_e.htm [Broken]

    http://www.sinor.ru/~polytron/Spinal_cord_of_DNA-molecula_r.htm [Broken]

    As soon as the server will be repaired, I shall place the article in my web-site in PDF-format.
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    Is there a question in there somewhere? :confused:
    If there is a topic you'd like to discuss, please directly ask the question rather than direct us to your personal website.
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    Dear Moonbear,
    I have offered a concrete theme for discussion on my new idea.
    As I suppose, answers to questions and objections I shall give.
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    I'm afraid it's not at all concrete. I don't know what you were even trying to say or ask. I try not to criticize people for their English grammar here because not everyone is fluent in English, but there is a sufficient problem with the grammar in your opening post that it doesn't make any sense. Whether or not you have a theme for discussion presented, I can't tell what it is. I know it can be frustrating if you are trying to communicate in a language that is not your native language, but we need to reach at least a level where the topic is clear to the reader.

    From the thread title, I think you may be having difficulty with translation. That's about all I can really comment on right now, and I would like to help you more if we can resolve the communication problem. The English phrase used to refer to the purines and pyrimidines that the nucleotides are bound to on DNA is the DNA "backbone", not "spinal cord." I'm sorry the only help I can give you at this point is correcting usage of an English word. :frown:
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    Many thanks Moonbear!
    Unfortunately, I really almost do not know special terms in chemistry and biology.
    In fact, I am physicist.
    From the dictionary, which I use, I has chosen "spinal cord", i.e. a brain, which is inside of dorsals of backbone.
    I wanted to discuss new idea about the probable mechanism of biological memory. :blushing:
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    I am sorry. From other forums there is information, that the English page does not work. Therefore, I have made new link:
    http://www.sinor.ru/~polytron/index.html [Broken]
    As it was found out, the big problem arises owing to misunderstanding of physical processes in atoms.
    For example, such questions:
    1) Where does this stored info come from?
    2) How does it get into the molecules to begin with?
    3) How can it be retrieved?
    4) Where is the evidence that this is even happening at all?
    The existing theory of elementary particles has many own problems. Therefore, for the time being, it cannot be applied for an explanation of processes in alive organisms.
    Therefore, the best compromise between physics and chemistry can be found in quantum processes at resonant vibration.
    The basis of this mechanism – resonant vibrators, which form the set of discrete frequencies, strictly connected with temperature.
    So, for example, at temperature ~3K hydrogen radiates and absorbs energy with length of wave 7.35cm. This length of wave corresponds to "a frequency jump" from 2.402*10^11Hz up to 2.361*10^11Hz and back.
    Each given kind of organism can functionate and develop only at very narrow interval of temperatures. At this temperature, atoms in molecules of organism, being contact with each other, exchange with energy of strictly limited interval of frequencies. It is specific language of the given kind of alive creatures, including their genetic language.
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