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Spindle fibers

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    During mitosis there is formation for spindle fibers in Prophase.My question is how these fibers are made and what proteins are included in forming it?
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    Section 19.1 "For example, during mitosis, the cytosolic microtubule network characteristic of interphase cells disappears, and the tubulin from it is used to form the spindle-shaped apparatus that partitions chromosomes equally to the daughter cells (Figure 19-4a)."

    "Both the assembly and the function of the mitotic spindle depend on microtubule-dependent motor proteins. As discussed in Chapter 16, these proteins belong to two families—the kinesin-related proteins, which usually move toward the plus end of microtubules, and the dyneins, which move toward the minus end. In the mitotic spindle, the motor proteins operate at or near the ends of the microtubules."
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