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Spining Sphere magnet inside rim of coils how do u calculate voltage

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    Can we please imagine that a sphere Neodymiun magnet with a diameter of one inch was suspended or leviated, reducing friction to none, then we put this magnet inside an acrylic tube that created a vacum by pumping out all the air out allowing the sphere to spin at enormous velocity with very minimal effort. Also bare with me and imagine 8 coil setup around this spining magnet, forming a circle or octogan around this, the coils surround can be of any basic magnetic or copper wire of your choosing and the loops it created would be made to creat a certain voltage. What would be the formula to figure out, depending on the numbers of turns and gauge of wire of the coils, the voltage produced? This would depend on the sizE and strength of the magnetic its speed (revolutions per second) the number of turns of the coil and length of wire. Can some one give me a place to start. I am not a engineer but i am very interested in some of your ideas. The coil and length of the wire and type can be inserted by you if you dont mind. Please return or comment. This is just a imaginary case, so please do not try and attack because of leviation, this a purely theoretical case.
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    The output voltage depends on some parameters.
    However, if you connect any load (resistance) to the terminals, the magnet will stop.
    So, you will need some external power source to keep the magnet spinning.
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