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B Spinning Away from the Sun?

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    So I have heard that the Earth is spinning away from the sun at a slow rate. Is this rate fast enough to negate global warming by a significant amount, or is it too insignificant to effect anything?
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    Where did you hear this? It is not true to my knowledge.
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    I heard about it in another thread.
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    Thanks anyways.
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    There are both long and short time scale variations in the Earth's distance from the Sun. Over the time period of 1800-2050 AD, the distance increases slightly, however from 3000BC-3000AD, it averages out as a decrease in distance. Over really long time scales (billions of years) the Earth will have a net movement away from the Sun due to the Sun's own slow loss of mass. But none of these will cause significant changes in the climate in anything less than a geological time frame. For instance, at the average rate of distance increase between 1800 and 2050 AD, the distance will only have increased by some 2100 km over that 2.5 century time span, which pales in comparison to the 149.6 million km distance to the Sun.
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    Thank you that answers my question.
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    By Kepler´s 3rd Law, should it cause a year to grow by 21 ppm, meaning get 10 minutes longer?
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    The Earth is either spinning towards the Sun and speeding up, or slowing down and spinning away from it
    At the present time, the Earth is spinning away from the Sun.
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