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Spinning ball Anomaly

  1. Aug 23, 2008 #1
    If you are reading this thread chances are you are familiar with Bruce Depalma's work and publishing's. If you are not i will briefly fill you in on the " Spinning ball Anomaly ". ([ crackpot link deleted ])

    Back in the 70's Bruce Depalma did a series of tests involving spinning objects. In his published findings he goes on to describe that a ball spun at a high rate of speed will actually travel higher (Sometimes 20% higher) and fall faster then a ball that is not spinning. Now of course the balls are identical and launched at the same trajectory. So explain why the spinning ball goes higher?. This test was also done in a vacuum to go on and prove that drag couldn't have an effect on it. The deeper i look into Bruce Depalma's theory the more mind blowing it gets. Bruce Depalma's theory could link to early spaceship launches. In these early launches the USSR and Americans found that there spaceships were behaving irregularly. There ships were gaining extra speed and trajectory by almost 20%. So in plain white english these ships were pulling 20% performance out of nothing.

    Why hasn't this been explained by NASA?. I have looked long and hard for more information but it always ends up in a dead end. A very interesting website i found ([crackpot link deleted]) explains what i did just there in more intensive detail.

    I am asking for anyone with astrophysics, or just plain physics knowledge to explain this to me?
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    This is just conspiracy theory and crackpottery. Nothing to explain.

    It should be pretty obvious - the US isn't the only country to have sent an object into orbit. This isn't a piece of science that could be kept secret.
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