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Spinning down the plug hole

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    Hi, I just wanted to see some of your thoughts on this rather common physics question.

    Does the water always go down the plug hole in the same direction?
    Let the water be perfectly still before the plug is released.

    Feel free to elaborate, cheers.
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    No, the water does not always go down the plug hole in the same direction. There are many factors which affect this, the main two being the direction the water entered the sink, and the shape and design of the sink.

    Do you have any thoughts on the question?
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    Okay, let me just clarify that I wanted the water to be still before the plug was released..... I'll let others jump in before I give you my thoughts.
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    I remember being told as a youger boy that water turns according to which hemisphere of the earth it is on... was pissed when I found out it wasn't true :)
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    If The Simpsons has any scientific credibility (& the UK's 'teach physics' advertisements) then water does turn according to which hemisphere you're in. Then again it might not matter, they could well be wrong.

    How about some elaboration, why?

    I know you're smart people, prove it.
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