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Spinning object

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    For a spinning object does the drag act against the direction the object is rotating?
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    A drag force will never add energy to a system, whether it be in translational motion or rotational motion. So, the drag force will act against the rotation of the object.
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    And the answer is some times not always. The best way to know is to learn the simple and accurate definition of drag and apply it to your particular circumstance. Drag is in the direction of the relative airflow that caused it. I am sure that you have heard that to move through the air you must over come drag. This represents a fraction of what drag is about. You see to remain still in moving air you must also overcome drag and if it is not overcome by that object it will move as a result of drag. There are drag based horizontal wind turbans that spin as a result of drag. The most often seen is the cup anemometer used to measure wind speed.
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