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Spinor Decomposition of a tensor

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    I have heard, that a second rank tensor can always be decompose into a spin-2, a spin-1 and spin-0 part, being reducible. I want to pursue this further. Can anyone suggest me a nice reference for it?


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    You have to know a little bit about group theory,namely Lie groups and their representations...Then u can attack this sort of problems emerging in QFT.

    So my advice is:any group theory books which covers SU(2),SO(3)...and then try the first chapter from P.Ramond :"Field Theory:A Modern Primer"...

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    Hi, my answer comes a little bit late but I would propose the following reference if you want to learn more about spinors: "The Theory of spinors" (Elie Cartan) -e.g.: Dover Books- ISBN 0-486-64070-1 / Blackforest
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