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Homework Help: Spiral balance spring questions

  1. Sep 2, 2010 #1
    First off i am not a student per say, this is related to my hobby
    I am repairing an old clock and need to replace the balance spring which is completely missing. I have located ONE source that may carry suitable springs but I cannot figure out which spring to order.

    The spring supplier sorts their springs by strength as expressed in the following units
    gram/cm/100 degrees.

    Given that my balance wheel is
    14mm in diameter
    has a mass of 0.8 grams
    osscilates through an arc og 270 degrees in each direction
    and osscilates 4 times per second
    mb it down
    how do i determine the correct size balance spring?

    please be advised that i am an english major and have no physics background at all, so don't be afraid to du

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