Spiral Loading Calculation

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Hey there!

Usually we learnt to calculate (in this case, I learnt mostly in square/rectangular shapes), but I would like to ask how to we calculate spiral loadings? How would the load be transferred when the structure is in spiral shapes? Thanks!

Here's an example of the structure.


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Your request is kinda vague.

What sort of spiral loadings? Are you talking about the weight/mass or a spiral, or something else?


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Each different structure must be analysed independently by considering subsections of the total structure and their position in the structure.

The Chongming Bicycle Park, Shanghai? structure shown appears to have two helical (not spiral) tracks, being a left and a right hand helix that share a common wall. That gives it a crossed diagonal bracing internally. The internal walls and the external vertical columns carry the upper turns of the helix.

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