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Spiral of chemical elements

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    During orbital’s filling with electrons, power areas form inside atom - with superfluous quantity of electrons and insufficient quantity. It causes overjumpings of electrons. My theory about such overjumpings see on www.genevo.org. I nead your comments
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    To explain more understandable the overjumpings of electrons I publish my periodic table of overjumpings of electrons.

    http://www.genevo.org/OD.gif [Broken]
    http://www.genevo.org/OF.gif [Broken]
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    In my last work I show secondary periodicity on this property for s-elements on the example of the data on electron affinity. In the same place, on the example of d-elements other logic of the tableis visible, - not periodicity but cyclicity.
    Some properties are cyclic and not correspond to the periodic table.
    I offer to your attention http://www.genevo.org/H.htm [Broken]
    It is visible on the schedule that on the property of electron affinity s-elements behave variously before p and d-elements . Before р - elements electron affinity grows, before d-falls.
    Even on this property it is possible to speak about available laws which are not clear yet.

    beginning http://www.genevo.org/E.htm [Broken]
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