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Spirit away

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    Is there a forum for movie reviews? If so, this could be moved there. However, this isn't really a review, its a warning. If you're only going to miss one film this year, make it Spirit. Yesterday, my wife and I decided to pump up the economy and take in a flick. She said Australia was the thing. We don't go to movies very often, so this was an outing where every move was calculated down to the inch. First we went for sushi lunch, a favorite of ours. My wife told me to gulp it down fast because we didn't have much time. She was right about that, we were late to the Petaplex by about half an hour. It didn't help our marriage that I got lost on the way, even though she was barking directions in my ear all the way over there. We were the only couple in South Jersey that wanted to see this film and so they only scheduled it once for the day. We were confronted with a flight arrival board with three dozen movies on it, each one with a list of starting times. Nothing looked good to me so I said, "Let's go". She had her heart set on a movie, any movie, so we stayed. First she said 'Tale of Desperaueuxyz' but the sign board only said 'Tale of Despe' and I didn't know what it meant. I said I wouldn't watch a film if I hadn't even heard its name before. Then I saw Spirit and that's been heavily advertised. And I know some of Eisner's work, so I suggested it, but warned my wife that the story would probably be dark. Then Benjamin Button caught my eye, but we would have to wait 45 minutes in the lobby for that one and the wife said Spirit and so Spirit it was. We walked out after 20 minutes. There are two questions I have about this Why-rated film. Why did I eat sushi, and why did I gulp it down? Then we snuck into "Tales of Desperaueuauevzxzxwyxz". Once you get into this Petaplex, you don't necessarily ever have to leave. And I figured I had paid for one film, I ought to get to see one film. Tale is a charming but pointless film.
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    I just discovered the closest cinema to me is being torn down. I now suppose I will half to make a all day event of going to see a flick in a good neighborhood. I'll skip the sushi, thanks for the tip.
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    The best film i have seen of late was about a rat chef, most films made nowadays are a load of codswollop, sci fi films are non existent, horror films aint, action films are predictable, i would rather watch south park than most of the films put out these days.
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    Woolie, if you haven't seen "The Usual Suspects" you should rent it. It's got action, suspense, mystery, plot twists, etc, and it is very well written, directed, and acted. That's a movie that I have on DVD just because I like to watch it from time to time.
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