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Calculus Spivak's Calc book?

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    I've taken Calc 1 and Calc 2 at community college, but I'm looking to strengthen my foundation. I found his book free on google. Will his book also get me through Calc 3 though?
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    No, Spivak only overs single-variable calculus. He covers it in a nicer way than the typical texts, but doesn't cover what a typical calculus 3 course does.
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    What would you recommend for calc 3 that's of similar rigor?
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    i recommend going through spivak before attacking a calc 3 book at the same level. Spivak is miles above whatever you have probably taken calc 1,2 from. another option is to go through Apostol volumes 1 and 2 which does cover calc of several variables. Or Courant, vols 1,2. for an older style but very strong presentation.
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    Analysis on Manifolds by James Munkres.
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    A good alternative to Spivak, but less rigorous, would be Moise calculus. This is recommend for the average student. You can later jump to Shilov's Analysis book.
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