Splat cooling

  1. Hello mates,

    anyone here ever studied or used the method of rapid cooling called "Splat Cooling" ?

    I will use this method for the processing of two types of alloys. Ti-Fe and Ti-Fe-Sn. Then I will compare its phases, microstructure, etc and properties like nanohardness.

    I would really appreciate if we could exchange some knowledge and ideas about this subject.

    Thanks for the attention,

    Rafael Melhem
    São Paulo - Brazil
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  3. Astronuc

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    This paper might help

    Splat cooling is a form of 'rapid solidification'. Searching on that term, one will find plenty of articles.
  4. Great, thanks a lot Astronuc.

    Do u know any article about current applications using splat cooling?
  5. Astronuc

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  6. Thanks a lot for helping man! :)
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