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Splitting Desktop session

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    That Desktop application by Mark Russinovich helps create new session for desktop (4 in total) but it doesn't seem to be a full *split*. That is, processes created in one session are still alive or known in another session. Do you know a similar application for windows that does a full division of session for me to play with ? Thank you a lot.
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    To clarify what I mean to do, I would like to use an application that connects to a remote server; usually, without this sort of session split, the server will report an error of an already_process_is_being_run, so it will ask me to close that application instance before starting a new one. Mr Russinovich's Desktop *almost* passes this sort of server check yet it fails in the end with the same cause as that of mono-session clients.
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    one idea is to use a virtual machine program such as VirtualBox to emulate multiple computers on the same single computer. allowing multiple processors running at the same time from the same computer. each virtual machine has its own IP address so the server should not throw errors.

    I currently use this program at RMIT University to emulate a server and 3 clients on one machine to virtually run a closed internal network, the program also allows you to use host controller meaning you can use the virtual machines in relation with physical machines, eg. virtual server with physical clients.

    Unsure if this is exactly what your after (this is resource intensive)

    You can also save states on the virtual machines, this is usefull for trialware as you can save your files externally(on the host computer) and then go back to when you had 30 days trial (before you install the software)

    there are obviously a lot more applications you can use this type of program for but it does the job for me, allows me to screw around with a server without actually damaging things, plus lets me save its state before i screw it up entirely.
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