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Splitting Realities

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    So say for example: Somehow you were dislodged from time so whenever you made a decision you never knew what reality you would be in based on your decision. For example, you made a "yes" decision, but would end up in the "no" (opposite of decision) reality, or sometimes you stayed in the reality of the "yes" decision. Then you were lost because you never knew what reality you would be thrown into based on a decision.

    My question is, based upon what I outlined above, how would one go about getting "unstuck" from the multiples realities and time, and become "stuck" again in a reality. Would it then be possible to find your original time line and reality?

    Any thoughts would be awesome!

    I've been thinking about this all day today.

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    This is too much speculation and sounds more like science fiction than science fact.
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    I doubt the situation you outline is even possible - therefore, no need to worry about it.
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