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    Tomorrow, in a few hours, the IPCC will announce a Summary for Policy Makers (SPM) of the (Climate) Assessment Report #4 in Paris, that is if all agree on the last comma's and periods.

    Expect a significant stronger version of the SPM of the third version of 2001. Curiously enough the global temperatures have leveled off since 1998 and there is nothing since the TAR that warrants stronger evidence as the CO2 went up and the temps did not and no the score is 3 to 1 that 2005 was not warmer than 1998. But nevertheless we are now in grave danger etc, unless we are prepared to take draconical measures we may have a narrow escape.

    On Monday 5 Februari a Independent Summari for Policy makers will be announced in London under Canadian lead it will show a variaty of studies that venture a different opinion.

    The next elements can be expected:

    The physics of greenhouse effects and feedbacks,
    the meaning of consensus
    the role of models and it's limitations
    citing own work or reviewing all the available studies

    The war intensifies.
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