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Spoken and written maths

  1. Sep 16, 2008 #1
    Yesterday me and my mates were working on a homework assignment and we started out by talking through the problem. I managed to almost get the complete solution just through verbal reasoning and my friends were impressed and said they wish they could do that as well. So long so good. Then they start writing down the solution with nice diagrams and lengthy algebra while I just stare at my blank piece of paper unable to bring forth a single intelligent thought. From feeling great to being rock bottom stupid in just a matter of minutes. This reoccurring situation is driving me mad.

    I have always struggled with extremely bad self esteem, especially when it comes to the math and physics. I sometimes think that I'm not talented at all and just know how to talk the talk and make people think I'm smart. When I'm about to give up I usually have one of these rare times of brilliance, which occasionally can be in written form, if everything is right around me: no distractions, excellent mood and full of inspiration. If I don't, I'm not capable of even the simplest things.

    Without a second of doubt I love science, I even crave it, it keeps me motivated at all times in life, but I seem somewhat unable to perform it whenever needed to. My vague question to you is: how do you know if you have what it takes to be a scientist?
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