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News SpongeBob being exploited by gay activists?

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    Is SpongeBob gay? Is he (along with Barney, Jimmy Neutron, and Snufalufagus) being exploited by gay activists?

    Dr. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, singled out SpongeBob in his criticism of a "We Are Family" video slated to be mailed out to 61,000 public and private schools.

    The media has found the issue kind of silly (and for good reason).

    http://www.denverpost.com/Stories/0,1413,36~31908~2670433,00.html [Broken]

    How silly has the situation gotten? This morning (Tues), two local DJs were absent from their morning show from KVUU radio in Colorado Springs (home of Focus on the Family) with no explanation other than "Coffey and Aleysha are off. On Thursday, KVUU will announce the future of the KVUU Morning Show".

    Why (or at least the most likely reason why)? On Monday morning, the DJ's were doing phone interviews with someone dressed up as SpongeBob who was walking around the Focus of the Family grounds carrying a sign that read "I like girls! Go focus on your own family!" and trying to talk to Focus of the Family employees. He was eventually escorted off the grounds by police. (Presumably, the guy was associated with Coffey and Aleysha, since they're missing from the air this morning).

    According to Focus on the Family, the real issue lies elsewhere (they've made no mention of the SpongeBob-KVUU incident):


    Personally, I think Dr. Dobson was guilty of bad public speaking. His "Attention Getting Step" overshadowed his main point. I think folks in the advertising industry would consider this a case where "the hype killed the feature attraction" (kind of like showing the butler killing the victim in a movie promo and asking viewers to come see how the murder was solved).

    As a public figure, speaking gaffes are an expected hazard. Of course, the media will jump all over this because it was a ludicrous statement. Dr. Dobson should just take his lumps and move on.
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    www.afa.net[/url] i think these guys are the ones making the big fuss about it, it makes me sick. (off topic but heres an essay by the guy who runs that thing [PLAIN]http://afajournal.org/2005/january/1.05don.asp [Broken] )
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    It wasn't the AFA that started this, it was Squidward! :rofl:
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    I knew it! This is why I refuse to watch cartoons: They are all trying to make me gay.
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    What about the old classic cartoons that they used to have? Roadrunner, Bugs Bunny, or even Elmer Fudd (which would be the most likely gay candidate)?

    Or how about even older with the black & white non-sound cartoon strips? Did they make that generation gay?

    What about comic strips in the daily paper? Would Dilbert be gay just because his tie is starched up?
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    In "The Rabbit of Seville", Elmer and Bugs get married—cartoons had already started pushing gay marriage in 1950! Who knew?
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