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B Spontaneous singularity

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    It seems I remember hearing (either on tv or mag) that there was a theory that the original singularity which resulted in the big bang could have been created from essentially nothing by ripples or something in the space energy...or something like that.

    Can anyone point me toward any articles on this subject please?

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    Simon Bridge

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    It is possible that you got something like that off a TV show - but you won't find any reputable sources for it because it is pretty pop-sciencey.
    If you are thinking of the big bang in terms of an infinitesimal spot of stuff exploding into the Universe as we know it... this is a common misconception.

    The word "singularity" just means "special".
    The state preceding the rapid-expansion phase which is often called "the big bang" was hot, dense, and , as far as we can tell, infinite... this is pretty special, not to be confused with the very small dense object GR suggests is inside a black hole (which is infinitesimal and finite) or the singularity of special relativity when relative velocities approach the speed of light (which is infinite).

    Probably what you want is the idea that the pre-big-bang conditions come about as a quantum fluctuation ... for instance in the Hartle-Hawking "no boundary" proposal ... which you can google. For the rest, there are good googleable articles introducingbig-bang cosmology.

    But this may help: http://abyss.uoregon.edu/~js/ast123/lectures/lec17.html
    Perhaps you are asking in context of news like this:
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    Thank you
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