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Spontaneous universe

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    A static 10 dimentional universe can arise spontaneously, by a
    quantum fluctuation?
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    Very neat! See also his earlier paper http://arxiv.org/abs/gr-qc/0103021. He quantizes the Friedman equation. This is admittedly a simplified model, but it shows that M-theory(or at least its dimensionality!) has something to say about our universe yet.
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    Mongan lives right across the Bay from me, in Sausalito

    from where I sometimes go for walks I might even have a line-of-sight (except for Angel Island)

    Wolrams link again
    Simple quantum cosmology: Vacuum energy and initial state

    T. R. Mongan
    84 Marin Avenue Sausalito,CA94965 USA

    I am betting that he'd welcome some correspondence----since he is a freelance he may not have as much contact and discussion as he would like
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