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Sports Statistician

  1. Dec 3, 2007 #1
    Just for the record I am a huge Los Angeles Angels fan and recently I have been considering a career in sports statistics. After a lot of thinking, I realize how cool it would be to be able to go to all the Angels games and keep track of all the players' stats. I research them on my own free time anyways so why not get paid to watch baseball and pursue your hobby? Anyways, I recently e-mailed the organization and asked them what kind of educational background one would need to land a job in sports statistics and I never got a reply so I was hoping somebody here might be able to answer my question. To become a sports statistician, would I need an undergraduate degree in statistics or would a pure mathematics degree be sufficient (It requires two courses in statistics)? Or if a math degree isn't enough, would a statistics minor be enough (I am considering that because it would only require three more classes)? This idea came to mind because I am not sure if I am cut out for grad school and I would like to have alternative options. Thanks a lot for your help!
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