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Spray Dry Atomizer Problem

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    This is a spray dry atomizer problem. I have a shaft that rotates at 6000 ropm. On top of the shaft sits a bowl with two arms that are 180 degrees apart. At the end of each arm is a spray nozzle with a 5/32 inch hole. The length of each arm with the nozzle attached is 12 inches from the center line of the shaft.

    If I fill the bowl with water at the rate of 5 gallons a minute with the shaft spinning, what is the pressure at the nozzles?

    I calculated a no-flow pressure of about 12,000 G at the nozzles but I don't know how to calculate the pressure with a flowing liquid

    Bill B
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    Typical engineering adage: "Let's Employ Bernoulli". :biggrin:
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