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Spray that creates skeleton

  1. Jun 25, 2012 #1

    is there a material that will be sprayed through a tube inside a 3D labyrinthine structure and it will create a skeleton inside that labyrinthe?

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    I very much doubt it, but can you clarify your requirements a bit?
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    yes, imagine a structure like a tree with branches
    now imagine the branches to be hollow
    then, insert a tube into tree's trunk and fill the whole structure with a spray

    now, that spray should create inside that structure a skeleton that support the hollow branches to collapse

    the skeleton can be formed by solid lines of material that will run in parallel with the walls of the hollow structure, or the solid lines can be vertical to the hollow structure's walls
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    Okay, then. That's still a little vague, but I think that I have the gist of it. Would expanding polyfoam, as is used for insulation, serve your needs? I think that there is also a polycarbonate mix that expands similarly but is far stronger.
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