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Homework Help: Spring airtrack problem

  1. Mar 12, 2007 #1
    An air-track glider is attached to a spring. The glider is pulled to the right and released from rest at t=0. It then oscillates with a period of 1.50 s and a maximum speed of 46.0 cm/s.

    I found the amplitude to be 11cm (this is 100% correct)

    1) What is the glider's position at t= 26.0 s?

    How do i do #1?

    I used the formula x = A cos ( wt) and plugged everything in.

    x = (11cm) cos (26sec x 2pie/1.5)
    x = -3.56

    but my answer is wrong :-(
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    Your angle 26*2*pi/1.5 is in radians, but I think your calculator was set to work in degrees.
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