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Spring an crate question

  1. Nov 4, 2006 #1
    A 1.5kg crate falls from a height of 2.0m onto an industrial spring scale with a spring constant of 1.5 X 10^5 N/m. At its greatest compression the reading on the scale is:

    My work:

    mgh= PE
    (1.5kg*9.81m/s*2.0m)= 30J
    The potential energy of the crate is 30J
    The Force of the crate is 1.5kg* 9.81m= 14.75
    Would the force of the crate be equal to the force of compression

    Thank you
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    You missed the spring part. The weight of the crate is 14.75 N, but the force on the spring is, per Hookes law, F =kx.
    One way to solve for x is to use the conservation of energy principle, noting that initial energy (which is just potential) is equal to final energy (which is just the spring (stored) elastic potential energy , 1/2kx^2. (There is no kinetic energy in the initaial or final case). Try to solve for x, then F.
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