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Spring and two masses-help please!

  1. Nov 28, 2007 #1
    This is a practice exam for the actual exam I have tomorrow and I need help understanding this problem. :-) Thanks!

    Spring and two masses

    You hold up an object that consists of two blocks at rest, each of mass M = 3 kg, connected by a low-mass spring. Then you suddenly start applying a larger upward force, of constant magnitude F = 88 N (which is greater than 2Mg). The diagram shows the situation some time later, when the blocks have moved upward, and the spring stretch has increased.


    The heights of the centers of the two blocks are as follows:
    y1i = 0.3 m, y1f = 0.4 m
    y2i = 0.8 m, y2f = 1.2 m
    It helps to show these heights on a diagram. Note that the initial center of mass of the two blocks is (y1i + y2i)/2, and the final center of mass of the two blocks is (y1f + y2f)/2.

    How don't know how to treat work in this problem to find Ktrans? (Because it says its greater that 2M?)
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