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Spring and Wheel

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    I have a simple problem with a simple solution - but i can't figure out how to do it. Help would be greatly appreciated!

    Basically I have a 2x4. on this 2x4, i want to put a spinning 1" ball (or wheel) that will allow things to roll on it. BUT i want the ball to have a spring behind it that give a little tension to it.

    Do they make anything like this? And where would i buy them?

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    Welcome to the PF.

    Could you maybe post a sketch? And what kind of things do you want to roll on this 2x4 piece of wood?
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    Well if you're building it from scratch, then all you would need to do is attach the axle of the wheel to a fixed spring---I think you pretty much have it. If you don't insist on building it from a 2x4, then there are actually a bunch of exercise machines for leg presses which basically operate on the same principle, take for example the bowflex (where the bows basically function as the spring): http://www.socialshopping.com/image...s--Bowflex-PR1000-Gym-Fitness-equipments-.jpg The seat can roll along the rail it's on, but the bows pull the seat back in.
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    Thanks Jolb - i'm thinking on a much smaller scale though. The ball or wheel is only about an inch or two in diameter. And no, i don't want do it from scratch. I would much rather go to Lowes or order it online if possible.

    I just need a rolling ball or wheel that will compress. These MIGHT work, but i've never used one before: http://www.te-co.com/Ball+Plungers-C-3001-C-.aspx [Broken]
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    What about a metal tape measure. you pull it out and release it snaps back in. There is also small ones for your keys so you don't loose them. Or a extendable leash for a dog. Just tie the loose end to the roller and the other end somewhere on your 2x4.
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    I'm not wanting a winding action. I just want the wheel to compress down.
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    How many wheel rotations do you want to have between the spring being relaxed and at full compression?

    There are some toy cars that have a spring mechanism attached to their rear wheels so that you can rub them backwards on the ground a bit, and then release them to let the spring energy propel them along for a while...
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    No, i'm sorry. I'm not wanting any kind of spring for the wheel to wind. The wheel should spend freely. I just want the wheel to be able to be pushed down. Just like this product: http://www.allaboutdoors.com/product...ducts_id=25350 [Broken] - only if something pushing down on the wheel that it will sink in and then spring back up.
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    Oh. I thought you wanted some springy action so the wheel would not roll down the 2x4 on its own.

    I can't remeber where I have seen something to what you want, though it evades me right now.
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    Can you just add your own springs to that wheel assembly? Although it might be good to use one with 4 mounting holes instead of 2, to add stability to the suspended assembly.

    http://www.allaboutdoors.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=25350+&search_in_description=1 [Broken]

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