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Spring Break- Cancun Evo?

  1. Dec 6, 2004 #1
    What is everyone doing for spring break? I think that I am going to cancun where I may just meet up with Evo...jr... hahahaha. News to Evo sr. Anyway I thought this would be the appriopiate place to mention it haha. Also friends are planning a road trip to little old kansas... I wonder who lives there. Anyway I hope this scared you ennough for now

    also buy the car

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    Yes, the Evo Chow is heading to Switzerland, France & Italy in January and then intends to go to Cancun for Spring break. :grumpy: Thank you for reminding me I need to check with the parents that are chaperoning the Cancun trip. :approve:
  4. Dec 6, 2004 #3
    :cry: lol, you don't trust me???
    o:) you don't trust her... lol
    besides she is going out with the Dustin Character.

    Also... What do you do for a job... sending you daughter to the corners of the world and back. Or is it simply the fact that you are sending your daughter to the corners of the world that is motivating the trip... get rid of evo chow at all costs mindset.

    i also didn't realize she was serious about the car... damn her. You will see whose ride is better when I pull up in the lime-green 97 saturn... can't mess with the plastik
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    I wish my parents wanted to send me away to the corners of the globe. No really, it'd be great.
  6. Dec 7, 2004 #5
    I am just hoping to make it to mexico
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    Tom, on your way to Kansas you had better stop in little old Lincoln Nebraska for some serious Halo lanning! We have a huge lanning community here at the university and I know it would be a blast :tongue2:
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    I wish she was home more. :cry: It was so sweet, her and Dustin changed their plans Saturday night to meet me at the arboretum for a nighttime Luminary Walk around the lake and through the gardens. Amazing, almost two miles of candles and flaming reindeer. The best part was the hot apple cider and the golf cart ride back to our cars. :approve:
  9. Dec 7, 2004 #8
    Flaming Reindeer!?!?!

    And PETA hasn't shut it down yet? I gotta see this...
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