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Homework Help: Spring concepts

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    What is the effect of the force on the spring,mass system?
    Please Find the problem in attachments.

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    So what do you think?
    Can you describe in words what will happen?
    Do you know the relevant equations?
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    I dont know the exact efftect the force causes but i think body will oscillate and spring acts like a thread as in simple pendulum concept.
    The force applied is not normal or perpendicular to the spring property directions so it me act like a simple thread or even the spring may undergo similar concept like cantilever beam. just i am sharing the thoughts.

    I think i may be right upto 80% but not sure. Is it right?
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    I'd say you are on the right track.

    If the spring is capable of resisting the sideways force, you can model it as a cantilever beam. If not, model it as a thread.
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