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Homework Help: Spring constant for a fluid

  1. Apr 7, 2014 #1
    A u tube open at both ends and a uniform cross section contains a mas of mercury,m and a density of 'rho' if the level is slightly disturbed show the surface oscillates with a periodic time of

    Tn=2pi sqrt[(m/2g'rho'a)]

    where a is the cross sectional area.

    i understand how to do this question if it were a spring with a spring constant of k or whatever but i dont know how to do it for a fluid.

    I know that circular frequency is sqrt[m/m] and that the frequency is circular frequency/2pi and the time period is 1 over frequency.

    the question says the desired result should be found using newtons laws and the energy method.
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    You have, of course, tried a google search on "u tube mercury oscillations"? :wink:
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    Think about the force of a spring stretched by a distance. Then think of the force on a column of Mercury in a condition of imbalance.
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