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Spring constant

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    i think i may have found an error in one of the answer in my physics textbook but i wanna confirm it with the physics experts here


    A trampolinist of 55kg bounces in the middle of a trampoline mat. She finds that she bounces 80 times in a min. What is the spring constant?

    Ans at the back: 3.9kN/m

    My ans: 3.5kN/m
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    Doc Al

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    I assume you are to model this as simple harmonic motion of the trampolinist, in which case the book answer seems correct. Show how you arrived at your answer.
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    i work out the period by taking 80 divide by 60s which gives 1.33Hz
    T = 1/f therefore T = 0.75s

    using T = 2pi (square root m/k)
    0.75 = 2pi (square root 50kg/k)
    0.5625 = 39.488656 x 50/k
    k = 3510 N/m
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    3.9 kN/m2? A spring constant is in "force per distance", kN/m, not m^2.
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    Doc Al

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    So far, so good. Now check your arithmetic.

    (Yeah, those units are wacked. Good catch by Halls.)
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    edited...thanks for telling :smile:
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    D'OH!!! ur rite...i mixed up that qn with the one above it ...this one has 55kg not 50kg...

    i wonder if there is a smiley for "bashing my own head with textbook"....
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