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Homework Help: Spring constant

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    An elastic cord is 67.7 cm long when a weight of 58.7 N hangs from it and is 85.8 cm long when a weight of 88.1 N hangs froms it. What is te spring constant of this elastic cord?

    how i know which is the long of the spring when it is in equilibrium to then calculate the sprin constant?...

    or anyother help to solve this problem
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    Hello once again,

    A review of Hooke's Law will reveal that the k, the spring constant, is a constant of proportionality. This means that F_1/x_1 = F_2/x_2 where x is the extension of the spring. Does this shed any light?

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    ok but if i do that what i can get:


    58.7 N / .677 m = 88.1 N / .858 m

    and that doesn't help me too much... because i dont know the distance of the spring when it is at equilibrium
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    how i know what is the extension of the spring?...
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    That's not exactly true. Remember, x is the extension of the spring, not the length of the spring. So, if we let the equilibrium value be l , the extension in one case is (0.677 - l). Does that clear things up?
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    ok i know that x is the value of the extension of the spring but how i know whta is the extension of the spirng when is at equilibrium to then calculate the extension from the diferencies of my value sof x with the equilibrium distance?....
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    Since the extension x = (length of spring with load - length of spring at equil.):

    The eqn shld be:

    58.7 / (0.677 - l) = 88.1/ (0.858 - l)

    where l is the equil. length, solve for l, with is simple algebraic manipulation...
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    edited the eqn, sorry, made a typo
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    ok let me try and tell u....
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    solving for l y get 0.316.... then i use F=kx solve for k and get

    k= F/x = 58.7/(0.677-0.316)=162.60 is this right?
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    Yes, your answer agrees with my calculated answer.
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    ok many thanks....
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