Spring,damper and mass

  1. My observations

    1)a spring gives a force proportional to the relative displacement of its ends

    2)a damper gives a force proportional to the relative velocity of its ends

    What does a mass do

    I read in a theory that a mass gives a force proportional to its acceleration
    and this force is called inertial force.

    But my understanding is that when a force is applied by some agent to a mass it will accelerate. How is that a mass itself applies a force?
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  3. Doc Al

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    Think of mass as providing a resistance to changes in motion.

    Inertial forces only appear as an artifact of viewing things from a noninertial (accelerated) reference frame. (Which is often very useful.)

    As long are you are viewing things from an inertial frame, the only forces are those provided by some agent. (Inertial forces have no agent.)
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