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Homework Help: Spring Elastic Potential

  1. Oct 22, 2006 #1
    Question-A child placed a spring of negligible mass between two toy cars of masses 0.112 kg and 0.154 kg. She compresses the spring and ties the cars together with a piece of string. When she cuts the string, the spring is released and the cars move in opposite directions. The 0.112 kg car has a speed of 1.38 m/s. What was the elastic potential energy stored in the spring before the string was cut?

    Solution-I've tried to start this and I have no idea even where to begin. All I have so far is this picture I drew describing what's happening...

    Spring Compressed

    Spring Uncompressed (at rest)
    - - - -


    Car1- - - -Car2
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    What physical quantities do you think are conserved in this process?
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