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Spring Equilibrium - Need help

  1. May 10, 2005 #1
    Spring Equilibrium -- Need help!!! :(

    Hi i have this question:

    A 200 g wood block is firmly attached to a horizontal spring. The block can slide along a tbale where the coefficient of friction is 0.40. A force of 10 N compresses the string 18 cm. If the spring is released from this position, how far beyond its equilibrium will it stretch in its first swing?

    Does anyone think they can help me get started on this cause i'm pretty clueless!

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    try using a conservation of energy aproach.

    [tex] KE_i + PE_i + W = KE_f + PE_f [/tex]

    Some questions that you will need to answer before you do this:
    1) What is the equation for the potential energy of a mass on a spring?
    2) What is the equation for the work done by friction as the block moves along the table?
    3) What is the definition of the spring constant (k)?
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