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Homework Help: Spring Force/Energy

  1. Nov 18, 2015 #1
    • HW Template missing as it was moved from another forum
    I have a question that asks to find the velocity of the object attached to a horizontal spring when it is halfway to equilibrium. I am given the mass, how far the spring was stretched, and the velocity of the spring when it was released.
    I am unsure of what it means by halfway to equilibrium. Could i solve it by finding the initial kinetic energy?
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    Do you have the spring constant?
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    Mechanical equilibrium - when the net force on the object is zero.

    Questions for you:
    Where would that be? Is it how far the spring was stretched?
    If the stretch was L, then halfway to the equilibrium position should then be _____?

    Can you clarify what you mean though, when you say you know the velocity of the spring when released. Is the object given an initial velocity? other than 0?
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    That's a really poor term to use in a question. I would find it really difficult to decide what it means exactly.
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    It said in the question that the spring undergoes simple harmonic motion, and achieves a maximum velocity of 1.5m/s.
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    No, it says 1.5 m/s is the speed when is released. Which needs some clarification. What was it doing before being released?
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    I believe at this stage, the question should be stated completely, in one post.
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